About Us

Home-Start Ealing recruits and trains volunteers from around the borough of Ealing. We then carefully match the volunteer with a family in need of support.
Volunteers are from all walks of life, each and every one a parent or even grandparent, all with a little free time available each week to help provide emotional and practical help to local families. Support is confidential, flexible and totally responsive to the family’s needs.

Home Visiting Volunteer

We are an early years support charity and in order to receive help from Home-Start Ealing you must have at least one pre-school child in the family. Volunteers visit families in their own home for two or three hours once a week.

Home-Start Ealing is a local charity which has provided invaluable support and friendship to families in the Ealing area since 1996 and has achieved positive outcomes for hundreds of families living in the community.

Home-Start Ealing is affiliated to the national organisation, Home-Start UK, but we are autonomous and responsible for our own management and securing our own funding. Home-Start UK provides advice and support through a local Family Services Specialist and a stringent Quality Assurance review process ensures the scheme operates effectively.

The charity is run by a Management Committee, which is responsible for governance and setting the direction of the scheme, and there are 5 members of staff. A team of 48 trained volunteers visit families at home and help support parents at the Family Groups.

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